Bachelor of Computer Science (1998), working for over 20 years with game development. Creating games from its initial concept to its publishing. I have executed projects under hire by companies abroad as well as projects with my own ideas. There are more than 20 games produced, for different platforms, PC, Steam, Mac, Android, iOS and web, with publication and worldwide reach.

I am an experienced programmer, working specifically with Unity3D and C# for the past 11 years. My role in projects has always gone beyond programming, involved with the creation of concepts, game design, project planning, team management and development management.

I have a great ability to come up with ideas, concepts for games. I can turn these ideas into plans and execute them. Programming, coordinating a team and thus transforming an idea into a product. I understand the entire lifecycle of a game. I have the necessary skills to execute a game project from zero point until its final form, the product, the publishing.


I was a partner and founder of two game development companies. Espaço Informática (1999-2008) was one of the first Brazilian companies with games published abroad. With Espaço there were nine main projects, PC games, with physical distribution (retail) in over thirty countries. We develop projects for international partners, from England, Germany, USA among others. We also created projects based on our own, independent ideas.

From 2009 to the present day, I work with my new company, Invent4 Entertainment, which was the first Brazilian company to distribute a game for PC on Steam (2008), passing through the platform's curatorship. With Invent4 there are four midrange games for PC / Mac, published on Steam, in addition to eleven mobile apps, published for Android and iOS. With Invent4 we develop projects with partners in Canada, Germany, USA, in addition to independent projects.


Since 2008 I became a professor at the University. I was responsible for game design, augmented reality, virtual reality and web games disciplines. I worked at two universities. I taught game programming, with Unity3D, C#, but also about the whole development process: how to elaborate concepts, how to transform these concepts into development plans, and finally, how to execute them, program them.

My teaching experience adds up to more than ten years, which contributes to my qualification in various aspects such as communication and organization.

Professional Experience

Invent4 Entretenimento Ltda. Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil

Founder / Director of Programming - April 2009 – present

Espaço Informática Ltda. Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil

Co-Founder / Director of Programming - January 1999 – December 2008

Unisinos Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos . Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil

Professor of Game Projects with RAD Tools (Unity3D, C#) July 2008 – August 2020

Uniritter Universidade Ritter dos Reis. Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil

Professor of Game Engine, Game Projects and Web Games, March 2013 – December 2017


Specialist Degree in Teaching

Unisinos Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos . Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil. (2010-2011)

B.S. in Computer Science

Unisc Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul. Santa Cruz do Sul, RS, Brasil. (1994-1998)

Additional Skills