Bad Rats Show is a physics puzzle game where the rats celebrate a bloody revenge against their main enemies: the Cats.
Solve puzzles in maps 2D and 3D, using physics, objects and specially trained Rats. All new Rats, Cats, but with the same classic and questionable Bad Rats humor. Now with maps' editor: download, create and share new levels.
Uncountable solutions for each puzzle, come up with your creativity and enjoy the show.


2016. Bad Rats Show : Trailer II : Bass Rock Song

2016. Bad Rats Show : Trailer I : Bad Rats Reggae

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[*] Comic cartoon violence and cartoon blood
[*] Realistic bad rats physics simulation
[*] Puzzles and maps 2.5D and 3D
[*] 11 Specialist Rats, anxious for revenge
[*] 10 different and bloody deaths for cats
[*] 11 other functional objects to help you
[*] 44 original Maps, from easy to very hard
[*] Unlimited maps with editor and workshop
[*] Original, cartoon styled characters
[*] Challenge your creativity, intelligence and logic
[*] Unlock all the Steam Achievements

The Rats:

Bomber Rat

Bomber Rat: Explodes when in contact with the ball.

Disco Rat

Disco Rat: Super cool hair which can work as a trampoline to bounce the ball up onto things

Flu Rat

Flu Rat: Has the super power of sneezing. Flies backwards when sneezing, pushing the ball and objects.

Football Rat

Football Rat: Runs forward with super force. Controlled with a strategic timer he can drag things in his way.

Hockey Rat

Hockey Rat: Hits the ball forward when it's in the right position.

Jebus Rat

Jebus Rat: Has the power to perform some miracles. Drives the ball to the target position, in a miraculous way.

KungFu Rat

Kung-Fu Rat: Attacks and beats the ball when near it. The kung fu strike can push the ball away from its direction.

Mafia Rat

Mafia Rat: Machine-gun-cheese powered rat. Shoots when the ball cames into its line of sight.

Motorcycle Rat

Motorcycle Rat Bad Rat on wheels. Drive, Run, fly and explode.

Pope Rat

Pope Rat: Has the Power of Faith and can push the ball to its position.

Yoga Rat

Yoga Rat: Power of concentration to attract the ball to his position.


Some animals are evil and kill without mercy, but sooner or later what goes around comes around, and these bad animals end up getting what they deserve. That's what happens in Bad Rats Show: evil cats have been captured by rats and will be executed for revenge in a bloody and bizarre show. On each map, a physical puzzle needs to be solved. When the solution is found, it starts the show and the annihilation of a prisoner Cat is carried out for the viewing pleasure of the audience! This is a crazy rats' party hosted by MC Rat, a band of rats singing original songs and rat dancers as well. This is a show where Bad Rats have some violent fun!!!


Not all animals are willing to accept their position in the food chain, and remain as banal prey to their predators. The Rats decided to follow the example of the most vicious animals on earth: Us!!! This is what the Bad Rats are doing in this game: fighting predators, fighting against their enemies. They are rats, and they are bad! They turn their revenge into a bloody show, an insane party where no cat would like to be. They call this the "Bad Rats Show".


Never mistreat animals. Never throw a dynamite charge on a cat. Never put a cat in a pool full of piranhas. Do not spill toxic waste on any cat. Do not think of giving high voltage shocks to cats in general. Do not drop heavy instruments on cats. Fireworks do not help cats. Nuclear bombs should not be used to exterminate any cats. No animals were harmed during the production of this game, except a dozen ants, two small spiders and three cockroaches.

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