Space Dunk Basketball

What about playing basketball with aliens on small planets? Space Dunk changes the rules of the normal game and turns into an innovative, unique, Basketball game. Play with varied characters with specific abilities. Win the competitions, earn coins and update your player to become still more competitive.

The basketball that we love is here, but now with planetary and orbital dynamics which turns it into something new, innovative. And what about the players? Well, from astronauts to aliens, Space Dunk Basketball is plenty of funny and full of personality characters. They have their specific abilities, but you can improve their qualities with some coins that you earn on each match played.

Take part in the interstellar competitions! Visit different planets and become the best basketball player of the entire universe. Space Dunk Basketball is a sport casual game with very easy controls. Touch the screen right or left to run in that direction. Swipe up to jump, block and dispute the ball.

The rest you know, throw the ball to the net, and better than this, dunk it whenever it’s possible. The small planets’ gravity and orbital aspects will change the strategies you should use. But we know, you’ll masterize it after a few matches and surely can become a great champion. Download the app for free, and enjoy playing it!