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With Bridge Project you will be challenged to build bridges of different sizes and styles, using different materials, in varied and beautiful scenes. It's up to you the design and execution of the bridge, and you are free to test any kind of construction.

But, your bridges need to resist to the proposed official's tests. And then, it's pure realistic physics simulation. According to the materials you used, and your bridge's design, it will resist or fall.

The game is also a learning on engineering, physics, dynamics and logical.

Bridge Project is a realistic physics simulator, but can be listed as educational title, due to the thinking and logical aspect envolved with playing.

You can test any kind of construction, and you'll be happy solving the bridges and maps, but sometimes you'll find perhaps more fun on seeing epic bridge destructions - observing the disaster and your construction breaking  in thousands of parts.

Try the free demo, and enjoy playing Bridge Project!


Bridge Project is a simulation game developed by Invent4 Entertainment, Caipirinha Games and Halycon Media. The German version of the game is named Bridge Builder2.
The game presents a PC and Mac version available on several distributions' chanels worldwide. The Mac version is found on iTunes and appStore (link).

More information, images videos and demo can be found with the links on the top of this page, and also, on the following related sites:
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