Main Features:

- 48 Maps
Varied maps with beautiful 3D enviroment. Level are grouped in City, Farm, Canyon and General maps. Each one consists in a different and challenging bridge to build.

- Maps Editor
Unlimited fun: you can create your own maps, and download maps produced by the users community. Share your maps with friends, and challenge them to solve it.

- Building Materials
A good set of different materials are available for your constructions, including wood, iron, steel, cables, suspension cables, concrete and pistons - for mobile bridges.

- Realistic Physics
All is about realistic physics simulation. Your constructions will resist or not according to the materials, connections and design you made. PhysX engine with Unity3D are powering the great simulations you see in this game.

- Testing 
Once your bridge is ready comes the test / simulation part. Your constructions will need to resist to cars, buses, but also, heavy vehicles as trains and tanks. Not enough, bridges must stay up after earthquakes and wind storms. Some bridges must be mobile, opening and allowing ships to pass.

- Worldwide Ranking
Your constructions will be evaluated according the weight, number of parts, and mainly, it's final price. Economical and optimized bridges can figure in a good position at the world ranking. Show your construction abilities to the world.

Try the free demo, and enjoy playing Bridge Project!


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