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10.15.10. Eleito is a new game developed by Invent4 in a partnership with ClicRBS, where the player takes the command of a "Virtual State". Being the governor of a virtual land, the player can define investments, constructions and taxes. The virtual population answers the player's administration approving it, or not. Eleito is a webgame and can be played for free (Brazil - Portuguese only). You can access it here.
07.19.10. Razor2: Hidden Skies is now available to the big public, and for everybody who is looking for a great shooter on the best Shmup style. Watch the video, try the demo and buy the game for all maps enemies, and the complete challenge. Razor2 is available on Steam, and other main digital distribution channels. Good game!
06.22.10. Taking off. The game Razor2 is ready, and its release is near. The publishing is already defined and the game will be available on key distribution channels as Steam, Direct2Drive, GamersGate and Strategy First. The release date will be announced soon, as the demo version, which is being prepared to release.
05.18.10. Invent4 presents the first images of Razor2: Hidden Skies. You can watch the game's trailer now, and pretty soon the demo will be available, stay tuned. More information about the game and where to buy it, will be presented next weeks. Open Beta: there are still some last passes for beta-testers, write to us if want to be a candidate, and test the game first.
04.23.10. Invent4 announces new publishing contracts for Bad Rats, and further products. Strategy First is handling Bad Rats for the North America, Akella is bringing the Russian version of Bad Rats, and Micromedia is a new option for Bad Rats in the Netherlands. New products are coming soon, be aware for Razor2: Hidden Skies. More information and the Demo will be available next.
02.12.10. Invent4 is proud to announce that Bad Rats is now available at Direct2Drive. D2D is a distribution channel of IGN group, being one of the main publishers of digital content, one of the most traditional, and with one of the greatest communities in the planet. Buy Bad Rats by U$ 4.99 on D2D.
02.04.10. Bad Rats is now available at GamersGate. Invent4 is proud to announce this new publishing partnership. GamersGate is one of the greatest publishers for on-line content, and counts with a great community of users. The game can be bought by donwload for only U$ 4.99.
01.27.10. Invent4 has a lot of news to be presented in 2010. The first news is the direct buy for Invent4's products. Initially for Brazilian customers only, now you can buy the games from Invent4 by direct download. The shopping uses the system PagSeguro, which grant a safe buy. The Brazilian / Portuguese version of Bad Rats is finally available for only R$ 10,00.
11.06.09. A new Bad Rats' demonstrative version is now available for download. Now you can try the game using all the 10 Rats, same using the demo version. The only limitation is the 5 maps for test, you need to buy the full version to play all the 44 game's maps. Try the new demo and buy  Bad Rats  on-line on Steam, for only U$ 4.99.
 09.21.09. Download Hades2 for free, and enjoy playing it! Hades2 is a first person shooter, released on 2001, and developed by the Invent4's partner company, Espaço Informática. Hades2 became a classic in Brazil, and it's one of the first Brazilian games to make success internationally. The game completes ten years now, and the authors make it available for free download, and personal use. Hades2 was developed between 1999-2000, and the game presents the technology of that time, 256 colors palette, and characters captured from real actors. Compatible, and from the same era of other classic shooters as Duke Nuken 3D, the game is out of date in technology, but still a good option to have entertainment for several hours, while combatting aliens and winning the seven levels of the game. Download it here!
08.14.09. Invent4 celebrates the success of Bad Rats. The demonstrative version were downloaded  20,000 times (directly from Invent4's server). This number doesn't count with other sources, Bad Rats demo can be downloaded from several links, including from Steam. Remember, the demo version has some limitations (five rats and five maps).  To have all Rats, all maps, and full fun, you need to buy the complete version. Only $4.99.
07.17.09. Invent4 proudly announces that Bad Rats will be distributed by Valve / Steam. The game will be available from next week (20th July) for customers worldwide. Steam achievements were added to the game, and you have some goals to make better scores. Play all maps with all Rats, buying the full version.
05.20.09 Bad Rats : demo version is now available. Download the demo freely, and play the new game from Invent4. Try to solve the five maps, and with a good score you can put your name in the world records table. Demo version have some limitations, but you can taste this great and funny game, and help the Rats with their revenge plans.  



04.04.09 Start up: Invent4 Entertainment officially starts its activities today. The company born with the philosophy of inventing and producing the best products of digital entertainment for people. You can expect great and innovative games from us, as new game devices and simulators. Invent4 has the objective of creating products for a better entertainment experience.



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