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Try to change the ball for a fat rat in a pinball game to see what happens. Well, this is Fat Rat Pinball, where you'll see animals being punched by the flippers, flying up, hitting bumpers, slingshot, targets and openning keys that will lead to the end of the levels.

Don't panic: no animals are being hurted, everything happens with light violence in a happy and dancing way.

As a casual game, you can try to beat up a Pinball table in about ten minutes, and yes the tables has stages and an end. But, you'll need to have good habilities to win each of the levels.

The gameplay is simple and pretty eficient, one touch in the right or left screen side and you'll activate the respective flipper. Launching the ball, I mean, the Rat, you should touch the screen and slide down to choose the spring force.

Using an exclusive ragdoll-animated system the game enables a different and creative concept for a pinball game. The normal challenges of the pinball are mixed up with the body's physics, causing unexpected and funny situations.

The game has a reward system, and you can earn rubies while playing. Completing a pinball table a couple of times you can earn rubies enough to release new content inside the game. There are Ads after the matches, but you can choose if you want to watch it or not. Using rubies you can have access to new characters and tables.


2017. Trailer I : Fat Rat Pinball Gameplay


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Fat Rat Pinball

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Best pinball game free for mobile. Play pinball with happy animals
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